Let's take a look at the meal plans at Kouyoukan

Meals at Kouyoukan

At Kouyoukan, we serve "shojin-ryori," vegetarian cuisine originating from the dietry restrictions of Buddhist monks. Because meat and fish were banned to be eaten, shojin-ryori focused on using vegetables, fruits, grains, beans and seaweed to create beautiful meals that looked like meat had been used but were actually vegetarian. Using fresh produce, Kouyoukan creates meals that are healthy and beautiful.

Eating at the dining hall without staying at the inn is also possible, so feel free to stop by.

Pricing ranges from 11,000yen to 18,000yen
(or included in hotel package)
Meal only:shojin-ryori course, from 2,000yen to 6,000yen
*the menu and price will vary based on ingredients and season
**If there is any food you dislike or have an allergy to, please inform the chef and they will prepare the meal to your desire.